The People's Houses Will Erupt

Organizing v. America -- Badger statehouse anarchy to be replicated, enhanced


Middle Class Warfare Drowns Reform

But Sunshine State weighs modernizing out-of-date collective bargaining statutes
On top of the Florida governor's proposal, Republican lawmakers are proposing legislation that would update collective bargaining rules for government employees.

It would end automatic union dues deduction by public employers, forbid using dues for political activities, and require re-certification for any union with membership below half of the employees it represents by July 1st. That would make it easier for public employees to seek decertification of their unions.

Labor unions have been supportive of Obama, starting with his campaign bid, but it hasn't always been a smooth relationship. He clashed with teachers unions when he backed the mass firing of teachers at an underperforming public school.

When asked if the AFL-CIO is disappointed in Obama, federation boss Richard Trumka doesn't think so. "[I]t's very important that the middle class knows that the president is on their side and he's said that he's on their side on numerous occasions."

Political observers are watching if Ohio or Florida will be the next Wisconsin, a state still embroiled in union fights.
(from politics.blogs.foxnews.com)

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Obama Offers Nothing

But union-dense NewsProgs make it seem like something
According to the Washington Post, President Obama has offered $6.5 billion in cuts on a total budget of $3.73 trillion, $1.6 trillion of which must be borrowed from foreign investors and the Federal Reserve.

Let's illustrate the magnitude of these devastating cuts.

Hmm, hard to see the cuts. Let's zoom in...
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Collective Bargaining for Teachers 101

The states' woefully outdated labor laws must be modernized


Suspend Badger Bargaining Privileges?

But phase-in scheme would re-create conditions for BigGov bubble Progononics
A remedy must be reached that falls in the golden mean between the extremes of protecting full collective bargaining rights on the one hand and tearing up those rights on the other. Here's a suggestion that could work as a temporary remedy.

Suspend collective bargaining until cooler heads in the legislature, executive, and unions are able to fully address the budget crisis including any unfunded liabilities in public pensions and health insurance. Restore those rights when the crisis has passed and economic conditions allow the executive to be more accommodative to the needs of public employees without imposing unreasonable burdens on current and future taxpayers.

Wisconsin historically has been at the forefront of worker rights. The state can reassert its leadership in this domain if it can amicably find the elusive golden mean. Cooler heads must prevail.
(Edward J. O'Boyle from thenewsstar.com)

Modernize Collective Bargaining

Looming bankruptcy prompts labor-states to reform of out-of-date pro-union statutes
Tens of thousands of people converge on the Statehouse. Pro-union forces chant slogans denouncing the governor. Anti-union protesters are heckled, ridiculed, and in some cases threatened.

It happened in Madison, Wis., over the past three weeks. But could it happen here in Massachusetts?

Absolutely, say people on both sides of the debate, which erupted when newly elected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, proposed a bill to mondernize collective bargaining for public employee unions.

A similar bill is expected to be proposed in New Hampshire next year.

"If (New Hampshire) House Speaker Bill O'Brien thinks he was elected to dismantle collective bargaining, then the Republicans got the wrong message from voters at the last election," said Mark MacKenzie, a retired Manchester firefighter who now leads the state's AFL-CIO. "They are going to cause a lot of damage. If we have to fight like Wisconsin, we'll fight like Wisconsin."

Even in Massachusetts, where Democrats control the Legislature, the lessons of Wisconsin are taking root.

"For three years now, taxpayers have been asked to make sacrifices in our own homes ... while people in the public-sector unions are unwilling to make any sacrifices at all," said Christine Morabito of Haverhill, a member of both the Merrimack Valley and Greater Boston tea party groups. "They are only being asked to make small concessions, and they aren't even doing that.

"We need to get rid of collective bargaining, mainly for pensions and health care. The states and federal government have made promises they can't possibly keep, and the taxpayers are on the hook for all this money."
(from eagletribune.com)

The Obama Doctrine REVEALED!

Jump on any bandwagon no matter how late


Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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Malenkov, Clay, Rand

On this day: March 6
Communist-dominated government under Petru Groza assumes power in Romania (1945)

Georgy Malenkov succeeds Joseph Stalin as Premier and First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1953)

Nation of Islam gives Cassius Clay the name Muhammad Ali meaning "Beloved of Allah" (1964)

b: Marion Barry Jr. (1936), Rob Reiner, (1947); d: Ayn Rand (1982), Georgia O'Keeffe (1986), Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (1935), Michael Manley (1997)

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