Badger Unionists In Medical Fraud

Doctors hand out bogus sick notes to wildcat BigGov strikers


(via mediatrackers.org):

At the Madison rally on 2/19/11, doctors were signing fake excuses for teachers. I am not a teacher, but I managed to get a note. They did not ask for any identification or where I might teach. They were literally handing these out to anyone and everyone. (Click thumbnails to enlarge.)

Union Thugs Losing The Future

We don't need no stinkin' golden goose


Lamestream Culture Agonistes

Truth becomes collateral damage where legacy media Progs tread

The Controversial And Shocking Details About The Lara Logan Attack
CBS international reporter Lara Logan is a well known public figure. And CBS and other media have accepted that she was brutally assaulted. However, Youtube and some Arab Websites are offering some further claimed shocking details not reported by the U.S. media and even some video about the extreme brutality of the attack on CBS reporter Lara Logan . Reportedly, some videos did show a crowd of about 200 or more men surround and separate Lara Logan from her security, and the crowd shouted “Jew, Jew!”, and “American bitch!”. Lara Logan is not Jewish or American, she’s a South African native.

Reportedly some of physical and sexual assault activity was caught on camera phones as well. One video purportedly involved some boy fondling the breasts of the reporter. However, another purported video that was described by a controversial YouTube video claims that a bearded man ripped the top off the reporter and began slapping her face and breasts. He then pinned her to the ground, and by this time she stopped resisting, apparently accepting the fact that she was overpowered. The bearded man then removed her pants and masturbated in front of her before raping her. He also reportedly clawed at her breasts with his hands. The YouTube video claims that at least six men raped her vaginally, and a number of men also raped her anally as well. She was reportedly masturbated on and urinated on by some men as well according to the YouTube video claims which was supposed to be pieced together from information and videos posted on Arab Websites and other sources.

It was claimed by various reports that the sexual assault and beatings might have lasted anywhere from 20-30 minutes on the short side, and as long as about 3 hours on the other hand. It was also claimed that her left breast might have been bitten or might even had the left nipple bitten off as well. One report claims that somewhere from 6 to about 50 men might have sexually assaulted or beat the attractive reporter.

One one hand, Lara Logan deserves her privacy. On the other hand being a major public figure, this international crime story is a very important one. It is also important to understand how anti-Americanism seemed to play a major role in the extreme level of brutality here. Reportedly, the reporter was left bloody, with semen and urine on her as the crowd shouted anti-American slogans.
(from wizbangpop.com)

Organizing v. The World

Will meddle anywhere, anytime for Pay-To-Play kickbacks


Organizing v. America

Progs drive public opinion against collective bargaining

A new poll from the Washington-based Clarus Group asked:

Do you think government employees should be represented by labor unions that bargain for higher pay, benefits and pensions... or do you think government employees should not be represented by labor unions?

A full 64% of the respondents said "no."

That includes 42% of Democrats, and an overwhelming majority of Republicans; only 49% of Democrats think public workers should be in unions at all.

That's on the fundamental right to organize, before you get to wages and benefits. And that puts Scott Walker in a pretty good political place.
(from politico.com)

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"UnionRefund.org Offers True Social Justice"

Class struggle(in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent.

Chicago Communists Welcomed to Wisconsin

Collectivists never take enough


Union Thugs Trash FDR-Dem Legacy

At long last, have Progs left no sense of decency?
The big issue in Wisconsin today is whether or not public sector workers should have collective bargaining rights. In an Aug. 16, 1937 letter to Luther Steward, the president of the National Federation of Public Employees, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had something to say about that:
[M]eticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the Government.

All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public personnel management. The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for administrative officials to represent fully or to bind the employer in mutual discussions with Government employee organizations. The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives in Congress. Accordingly, administrative officials and employees alike are governed and guided, and in many instances restricted, by laws which establish policies, procedures, or rules in personnel matters.
Roosevelt would have absolutely rejected the mass demonstrations aimed at blocking access or regress from the state’s legislative building, and at keeping children out of school:
Particularly, I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place in the functions of any organization of government employees.
(from biggovernment.com)

Wade Rathke Liberates Bahrain

Will WH global emissary to the Muslim Brotherhood appear in Wisconsin today?


No Right To Collectivism

According to the law, collective bargaining is a legislated privilege
The protesters in Wisconsin and Ohio are crying alligator tears about the loss of collective bargaining rights. Let's be clear on this. There is no right to collective bargaining. All the laws that have required collective bargaining between employers, be they public or private, with certified labor unions as the exclusive representative of employees in a bargaining unit have extended privileges, not rights, to labor unions, often at the expense of the rights of individual employees.

There are several federal court decision in cases where government employee unions have claimed the right to collective bargaining and in every instance the courts have ruled that there is no right to collective bargaining.

In the private sector the federal government gave unions monopoly bargaining powers through the National Labor Relations Act, which doesn't cover public employees. Many states have enacted similar laws covering public employment.

On several occasions public sector unions have gone to court demanding the right to collective bargaining and in every case the courts have said that there is no such right, it is a legislated privilege.

This is a topic of great interest to me. I am the author of "The Case Against Public Sector Unionism and Collective Bargaining" and a coauthor of "Vallejo Con Dios: Why Public Sector Unionism is a Bad Deal for Taxpayers and Representative Government."

I commend them to your attention.
(from davidsvrwc.blogspot.com)


Will U.S. ever recover from The New Prog Era?


O NewsBusted Again

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky


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Serfdom, Internment, Fidel

On this day: February 19
Serfdom is abolished in Russia (1861)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the executive order 9066, allowing the U.S. military to relocate Japanese-Americans to Japanese internment camps (1942)

Fidel Castro announces that he will resign as President of Cuba (2008)

b: Constantin Brancusi (1876), Saparmurat Niazov (1940), Karen Silkwood (1946); d: André Gide (1951), Charles O. Finley (1996), Deng Xiaoping (1997)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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