Jimmah Obama

Lame-duck Barack Obama yearns for a Misery Index of his own


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Progs ♥ Broken-Window Economics

Creeping socialism and the Law of Intended Collectivist Consequences


Neutralizing Pro-Union Rules

Up next: Modernization of both the National Labor Relations Act and the Railway Labor Act, whose stated objective is woefully out-of-date -- the promotion of collective bargaining in America's workplaces


Bronx Cheer for Eugenicists

'Nother shoe drops; Planned disgrace a pervasive 'isolated incident'


Raw footage:

Obama Simplified

Overanalysis bedevils union-dense legacy-media defenders of lame-duck Admin


Show-Me Thugs Take To The Ramparts

Forced-labor union activists all wee-weed up
Two different pictures of labor unions emerged today at a Senate hearing on whether Missouri should outlaw contracts that make union dues a condition of employment.

On one side: those who see the current membership rules as an infringement on individual freedom and a barrier to job creation. On the other: those who say unions provides a ready supply of trained workers and the backbone of the middle class.

Both sides inundated the Senate General Laws Committee today with economic studies and philosophical arguments in a hearing that packed two Capitol committee rooms and spilled into adjoining hallways.

The committee is considering a bill that would make Missouri the 23rd state to pass a “right-to-work” law.

The measure would bar employers and workers from negotiating contracts that include “union security” clauses. Such clauses require workers to pay union dues or an equivalent fee, or be fired.
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Fake Jobs Report EXPOSED!

We're all funderemployed now, it's the New Normal!


Leftwing Uprising v. America Set for 2012

WH operatives kindle H8, bank on domestic turmoil for re-election


Union Thugs Will Not Go Quietly

Forced-labor unionism a failed policy of the past
Unionization fails on nearly every measure. Yet strong-arm tactics keep these groups so firmly entrenched that many union-unfriendly lawmakers simply cannot afford to make the concessions required to loosen unions' hold and install worker choice.

This makes no sense. Unions are bad for growth. Now is not the time for entrenchment; now is the time for rolling up our sleeves and working as hard as we can. When a single policy objectively restricts economic growth as much as forced-unionization does, lawmakers should prioritize repealing that policy.

The WSJ concludes: "We hope Republicans don't flinch."

We cannot afford it.
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Class struggle(in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent.

AFL-CIO Thug Takes Credit for Uprisings

Collectivist greed, lust for power drives leftwing H8 for Constitutional justice


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Rethinking Barack Obama

Americans led like lambs into arms of Islamist Muslim Brotherhood; Protesters may demand Obama ouster before 2012


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Teacher Unions Cheapen The Profession

Before collective bargaining, Americans were better-educated, more informed


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Celebrating Interfaith Harmony Week

H8ful violence in the name of Islam acceptable to Obama WH


The Progressive Era Re-make

Just don't call it the New Prog Era


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