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Tyrannical BigGov On Trial

Typical looters hold advantage over liberty-lovers


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Useful idiots color union-dense newsprog industry


SEIU All in the Brotherhood

Obama's favorite union working with Hamas and FARC

Prominent current and former members of SEIU local 73 are being investigated for their potential ties to the Hamas and FARC terrorist groups.

Late last year, their homes were raided by the FBI, and they were subpoenaed to appear in front of a grand jury for questioning.

Joe Iosbaker, Chief Steward of SEIU 73, and Tom Burke (former board member of SEIU 73) are among 9 people who are subjects in the investigation. None of them have been charged with any crimes, yet.

Two days ago, they refused again to appear in front of the grand jury.

The interesting thing about these SEIU folks is that they also belong to a violently radical group called the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. From their website:

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is a revolutionary socialist and Marxist-Leninist organization in the United States.

1) We stand for the right to self-determination up to and including secession for the African American nation in the Black Belt South.

While rejecting Zionist claims on Palestine and white supremacist claims to a white southern nation or northwestern nation, we do acknowledge the fact that the most advanced sections of the Black liberation movement, from the 1800s on, have demanded a Black Republic in the South.

It gets worse from there.

This is the same group who, along with the other subjects of the FBI investigation, takes credit for staging the 2008 RNC protest-riots.

Shockingly, SEIU leadership is supporting their accused members, and the chosen strategy of not cooperating with law enforcement.

Beginning at 6:15 in the video below, SEIU’s Matt Brandon gives the union’s full-throated support for targets of the investigation.

Let that sink in for a minute. SEIU members are being investigated for potential ties to terrorists, and SEIU leadership is supporting non-cooperation with law enforcement. Can we question their patriotism yet??

(from biggovernment.com)

Meet the Muslim Brotherhood

Social Justice unit dates to the 1920s Progressive Era
Now that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the West (the US and Europe) at the most senior levels of government, academia, media and the culture, expect a good scrubbing of their bloody history and genocidal aspirations.

The whitewash of the Muslim Brotherhood is underway. The Society of Professional Journalists will follow suit. And Obama? That quisling President invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his infamous "speech to the ummah" back in June of 2009. Civilizational surrender.

In a captured internal document in the largest Muslim Brotherhood terror funding case in US history, the stated aim of the Muslim Brotherhood is "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabatoging its miserable house." And they are doing it. The Brotherhood proxies here in the US include CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MSA, et al. Complete infiltration. Their operatives, i.e. Grover Norquist, are in key positions of power (on the left and the right), bought and paid for with jihad dollars.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the head of the snake in the global violent Islamic supremacist war. They are our mortal enemy and are committed to our destruction.
(from atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com)

Portions of this profile are adapted from “The Nazi Roots of Palestinian Nationalism and Islamic Jihad,” [.pdf] written by David Meir-Levi and published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center in 2007.

Progressive Arithmetic

It walks, looks like a lame duck


Hot Air Rises

ObamaCare alienation of the center misunderestimated


Middle Class Warfare, Alinsky, Gandhi

On this day: January 30
King Charles I of England is beheaded (1649)

Adolph Hitler gives his last ever public address, a radio address on the 12th anniversary of his coming to power (1945)

President Barack Obama signs a presidential memorandum launching the Middle Class Working Families Task Force to be led by Vice President Joe Biden (2009)

b: Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882), Saul Alinsky (1909), Joachim Peiper (1915), John Profumo (1915); d: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1948)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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