Left Perpetuates Class Warfare

The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed
I have noticed a number of letters in The Star expressing anger over the so called George W. Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy. I wonder whether those writers are rabid partisans knowingly repeating a lie, or are simply useful in perpetuating class warfare.

Anyone with a modicum of awareness would know that retaining existing tax rates for everyone cannot be construed as a tax cut for the wealthy. Yet so many think the Congress gave tax cuts to the rich before they adjourned.

Debate on whether retention of the tax rates is good for the economy is welcome. History from President John F. Kennedy on has repeatedly proven that allowing earners to keep more of what they earn stimulates growth and results in higher revenue to the federal coffers, not less.

Taking more money from the productive has a stifling effect. We cannot afford the latter in this economic climate.

Frank Bryant, Basehor
(from kansascity.com)

405 The Movie

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Inking Old Dominion Worker-Choice

Not if union thugs have a say
The House of Delegates on Tuesday approved a resolution that would enshrine Virginia's "right-to-work" law in its constitution, thereby making permanent the state's traditional wariness toward the influence of labor unions.

Republicans argued that Virginia's laws against compulsory union membership are key to its reputation as a business-friendly state, and that a state constitutional amendment reiterating those principles would strengthen its ability to counter recent pro-labor actions from Washington.

The resolution, HJ500, sponsored by Del. Richard Bell (R-Franklin), passed 61-36. But it seems less likely to pass the Senate, where a similar measure was killed in a subcommittee.
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ObamaCare Watcher REVEALED!

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Left-on-Left Violence COVERUP!

Welcome to This Week in Stupid


Class Warfare Saves-Creates Anger

Americans overfed by Leftwing tools
Fred Gifun's op-ed published Tuesday, Jan. 11 ("Renounce violence in politics") was also full of hatred and anger in blaming the "right wing" for causing an unstable individual to commit the most despicable acts of violence against innocent, unarmed people. The event brought tears to my eyes and great sorrow in my soul, especially hearing the mother of the 9-year-old girl tell us about her life.

Gifun is correct that people are angry right now at the political establishment. However, I think he is misreading who the public is angry at. He blames Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and tea partiers who might incite unstable people. What he fails to realize is the public is mad at liberals who continue to push an agenda of socialism and class warfare. When an individual educates himself, works hard and succeeds in life, why should his wealth be taken from him to help those who didn't go to school, work hard or succeed? The left is creating this anger.

Gifun goes on to blame all the violence in society on the right wing. Did he ever think that people are fed up with all the taxes we pay? It reminds me of American history where we as Americans were tired of England taxing us. He made me think what the king of England must have said: "Those right-wing, conservative Americans, they don't want to pay taxes on their goods, and they're resisting our efforts to collect them."

I guess all those great patriots who fought for freedom from England were from "the right-wing of society." Thank God they were. History teaches another lesson. Taxation without representation causes people to revolt.

Nelson Strebor, New Bedford
(from southcoasttoday.com)

Leftwing Public Nuisance Gone Wild!

Hard-Prog trespassers gearing up for 2012 re-elect

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Mexico, League of Nations, Jan Palach

On this day: January 19
German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmermann sends the Zimmermann Telegram to Mexico, proposing a German-Mexican alliance against the U.S. (1917)

The U.S. Senate votes against joining the League of Nations (1920)

Student Jan Palach dies after setting himself on fire 3 days earlier in Prague's Wenceslas Square to protest the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union (1969)

Republican Scott Brown wins the Massachusetts Senate special election in spite of President Barack Obama's personal efforts in support of his opponent, Martha Coakley (2010)

b: Janis Joplin (1943); d: Werner Sombart (1863), Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1865), Martin Durkin (1955), Thomas Kennedy (1963), William O. Douglas (1980), Arthur Goldberg (1990)

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