$3.8 Trillion Annual Theft Reported

Walter Williams on the tragic power of Congress


Overspenders Up Against The Wall

Why defenders of D.C. collectivism circle the wagons
In yet another example of Americans rejecting the Democrat and state-run media’s narrative, a Reuters/Ipsos poll, a whopping 71 percent of Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling. Only 18 percent support the increase.

Just like with Obamacare or the media narrative regarding the awful Loughner massacre in Tucson, Americans are unwilling to be conned by the Obama propaganda machine.

Although this is good news, the frustratingly fickle American public wants its cake and to eat it too. The poll also shows that most Americans are far from eager to impose many of the spending cuts necessary to bring down the budget.

“Just 24 percent said the country should cut back on education spending, while 21 percent back cuts to law enforcement. A slim 51 percent majority of those polled backed cuts to military spending, and slightly less than half — 45 percent — wanted to see cuts in environmental enforcement.”
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Another Anti-Union Myth Busted

Jimmy Carter deserves more credit
Myths Vs. Facts

Despite the myth that Reagan is the one that devastated private-sector unions, no amount of so-called “union-busting” that Reagan allegedly did matches the amount of devastation that President Jimmy Carter did to unions by crushing their monopolies in the Air, Rail Telephone and Trucking industries.

Though the narrative is a convenient one, it is misleading.

According to Alfred Kahn, the ‘chief architect’ of airline deregulations stated years later:
I have to concede that the competition that deregulation brought certainly was terribly, terribly hard on the airlines and their unions, who had heretofore enjoyed the benefits of protection from competition under regulation.
It is time to set the record straight and give Carter credit where credit is due: Jimmy Carter was the nation’s biggest union-busting president in the 20th century.
(from redstate.com)

Gopher State Progs H8 Worker-Choice

Voters may ban oppressive forced-labor unionism
Republicans who control both houses of the Minnesota Legislature introduced a possible 2012 ballot measure to make the North Star State Right-To-Work.

Minnesota is the latest Midwest state to consider making mandatory union membership illegal. The measure, if approved, would prohibit employers and unions from making union membership or payment of union dues as a condition of employment or union membership.

Union membership is high in the Northern part of Minnesota consisting from tradesmen to teachers. However, union leaders expressed concern of making Minnesota a Right-To-Work state. Alan Netland, President of the North East Labor Council, said: “it’s bad news for unions…Basically, those who would benefit from union negotiations wouldn’t have to pay for those benefits.”

Since Republicans hold a majority in both the State House and Senate, they do not need the signature of Governor Mark Dayton in order to qualify the measure.
(from ballotnews.org)

Firedoglake Flunks Collectivism

Like obscenity, you know it when you see it
Compare and contrast these definitions of Class Warfare.

from my.firedoglake.com:

Class warfare /noun/ 1. Any attempt to pass a living wage ordinance, or 2. Any attempt to extend or enhance unemployment benefits.

from Apple's Dictionary:

Class war (also class warfare) / noun / another term for class struggle

Class struggle / noun / (in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent

Class Warfare Does Not Pencil Out

Progressive free-riders destabilize U.S.
There is a lot of disinformation that taints the facts surrounding who pays how much in taxes. This disinformation stems from emotional thinking based in envy, avarice and jealousy.

More so, the myth that the rich do not pay taxes is being promoted by those who wrongly believe in class warfare as suggested by Karl Marx.

The facts are clear in this area; the top 1 percent income households in America pay 40 percent of all taxes. The top 25 percent of income households pay 85 percent. The bottom half of U.S. households in terms of income only pay 3 percent.

The facts do not support the myth of class warfare or that wealthy Americans do not pay enough taxes. The converse is true, the tyranny of the tax-exempt is threatening to destabilize and ruin America.

It is time for a flat tax. Everybody should pay their fair share.

RJ Bradner, Bath
(from akron.com)

O-Surrogates Rewind To 1968

New Prog revolution builds momentum for 2012 re-elect

“Student strikes” will occur in March to fight budget cuts and increased fees for students. What’s happening in Europe is about to be emulated in America, friends.

Radicals know this is one of their last opportunities to keep the gravy grain running on time. But reality, courtesy of fed up taxpayers, may interrupt their plans.

One of the movement’s leaders, Los Angeles high school teacher Omar Hussein, recruited “student militants” to support the March 4th protests in 2010. He’s a leader again this time around, according to sources within the movement.

The month of “actions” will be capped off with a global action stemming from a huge union/socialist rally in London March 26th. As many as one million people will show their solidarity with those “in the firing line of the government’s cuts,” according to a statement posted on a public employee union website.

The pro-big government radicals are in the planning stages of something similar in the United States. One radical from Arizona pledged that the actions will be “very militant” because what they’ve done so far hasn’t worked and “there are no other options now.”

Radicals who fantasize about Che Guevara’s revolution, the Soviet States of America and the good ole days of Chairman Mao will soon be making their move. They’ll be doing their best to seize the current “crisis” and push their socialist agenda.

Will they get anywhere? The big government agenda certainly had its wings clipped in the November election. But that doesn’t mean violence, upheaval and chaos can be stopped.

And we shouldn’t kid ourselves that it’s simply a small band of “student militants” that break a few windows and celebrate at the local (fair trade) coffee house. When this action occurs, SEIU, AFL-CIO, NEA, AFT, NAACP and others will be right behind them to push the socialist agenda forward.
(from Kyle Olson at biggovernment.com)

Obama Scored At Midpoint

Unfinished business requires 2nd term to complete


Progs Out To Kill the American Dream

100-year campaign nears completion


BigGov Wags The Dog

Ruling Class silences oppressive private sector


Vultures Survey U.S. Culture

Union-dense news industry creates-saves American opinion

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