Ruling Class Progs Trigger Meltdown

Left uses any, all means to justify Cloward-Piven ends


Obama Architects in WH Makeover

Fundamentally transforming the U.S.A. as promised


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'Fundamentally transforming the U.S.A.'You would think that they'd be saying 'Thank you'.

Meet The Easy Button

Shortage of conservatives plagues U.S. news industry


Prog Speech Police to History: STFU

Ruling Culturalists circle wagons around iconic leftwing myth


Cloudy With A Chance of Class Warfare

Expert: Obama re-elect hinges on ginned-up civil unrest
2012 predictions

Increase in political rhetoric and class warfare leading up to 2012 elections in the US.

QE3 will be announced at the rate of at least $100 billion per month. This will continue indefinitely in order to finance trillion dollar deficits.

The dollar and US investments will outperform other currencies for the first half of the year lead by a fall in the Euro. However, by the fourth quarter, the dollar will begin a slide to new lows as it becomes evident that the Federal government must bail out state and local governments.
(from resourceinvestor.com)

Roots of Progressivism REVEALED!

William James - Pragmatism

If you have been a good student of Progressivism, you will recall that the Fabian Society believed in the gradual progress of socialism ... thus the term "Progressive".

To insert collectivism into a U.S. culture and legal system defined by its opposite was no small task. Progressive icons like John Dewey and William James developed a new intellectual foundation, based upon new theories of human existence. This surge of social theory became the underpinning for socialism in academia - a bulwark of the Progressive movement and husband to another key constituency - the intelligentsia.

Pragmatism has ably served Progressives as justification for disregarding inconvenient legal limits on government intrusion into the non-government sphere. This is how Progressives get around the founding fathers' roadblocks to the undoing of liberty - without having to amend the Constitution.

At the start of Our Progressive Century, pragmatism motivated intellectual leaders like Woodrow Wilson to inject the authority of the state into nearly every aspect of civic life. Thus, pragmatism helped undermine the bedrock constitutional doctrine of delegated, and thus limited, government powers.

(by Harry Meanwell, from 'Our Progressive Century (7)' at Good Intentions blog)

Legalize Freedom!

Prog rulers routinely over-regulate food, air, water


Expert Journalists Corrected

Union-dense newsprogs ♥ to H8 anti-socialists


Recall The President?

Voters 'disgusted' with fascistic Obama
At the end of this month, Jim Suttle, the brash first-term Democratic mayor of this prairie city, will face a recall election financed by backers of the opponent he defeated a year and a half ago. Critics are angry at a series of local-tax increases he instituted last year to balance the city budget.

"Some people see Suttle as an extension of Obama," said John Chatelain, one of the Omaha recall organizers who kicked off the petition drive at a tea-party rally. "The disgust they have for Obama going against the will of the people gets channeled into the recall."

Opponents of the mayor collected 37,000 signatures in this city of 455,000. Mr. Suttle tried to quash the effort in court but lost last month. The election is scheduled for Jan. 25. If a majority of voters decide to remove Mr. Suttle from office, a second election would be held to find his successor.

That sort of support has been crucial in several recent recall efforts, which include a strong tea-party network and deep-pocketed backers.

In Miami, billionaire Norman Barman paid for the push to oust Mayor Carlos Alvarez, saying he wanted to make sure elected officials were looking out for taxpayers rather than protecting the jobs of government workers. The date of that vote hasn't been set.

Recall rules vary, but generally require a certain percentage of voters to sign a petition to force a new election, with the goal of ousting a previously elected official.
(from online.wsj.com)

Global Worming Hoax EXPOSED!

Collectivist energy H8ers revealed again


Pelosi NewsBusted Again

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky


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