In 2011 Reject Divisive Class Warfare

Folks grow disaffected by Ruling Class Progs
In 2011 we have to reject the tactic of divide that is being used by the Left. Race baiting and how it continues to attempt to take the high ground when their own history tells a different story.

The Tea Party is not Racist and to have a United front in preserving our Republic we cannot allow for these tactics to be used, or to fall into the trap of having to defend ourselves time and again because we disagree with the policies of the current administration.

It is disgraceful that these tactics are employed and only goes to show that if these tactics are the ones that some have to hide behind, they themselves may be the ones that truly harbor racist sentiments.

2011 is a year to reject! It is long overdue to teach some of the real history when it comes to whom have been the real provocateurs of racism in America.

2011 is a year that we as Americans have to rise above a hand out society and demand that once again we become a hand up society where we do help our fellow citizens, but we do not place them in convenient boxes to pit one against another.

The long and sordid history of using division as a tactic to oppress people and to intimidate them into not speaking the truth was on full display in 2010.

We witnessed this with the class warfare card that was employed recently and how those on the Left continue to use this to not allow the fact that we are in serious peril fiscally.
(Robert Rohlfing's full story at: canadafreepress.com)

Progs Recycle, Reuse Senior Dems

For example, Slick Willie Spitzer


2011 Progressive Class Warfare Is 'In'

So they say in San Francisco
The Trends

Out: Political divisions by party (i.e., Democrats v. Republicans)
In: Class Warfare (i.e., extreme wealth v. lower middle class)
(from fogcityjournal.com)

Ezra Klein Halloween Costume

Certified-smart LSM runs interference for Progs


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Cuba, Cigarettes, Corzine

On this day: January 1
Spanish rule ends in Cuba (1899)

Nazi Germany passes the "Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring" (1934)

Cigarette advertisements are banned on U.S. TV (1971)

b: Omar al-Bashir (1944), Jon Corzine (1947); d: Thomas Hobson (1631), Sergei Kourdakov (1973), Shirley Chisholm (2005), Claiborne Pell (2009), Nizar Rayan (2009)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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