Organized Labor Jumped The Shark

Unions are an offshoot of the socialist-communist movement
Unions should be a thing of the past. They are no longer helpful. Back in the Triangle Fire days they were brought in for safety reasons. Now the government has all sorts of agencies to make the workplace safe. There would be no Triangle Fire today even if the unions were abolished.

Unions were not meant for bargaining for raises. They were meant to stop inhuman cruelty to workers. Now that’s the government’s job. The unions have turned into mobs for self-advancement. They are anti-capitalistic. They are socialistic and based on strong arming the creative to support the less talented drones.

Raises were not meant for collective bargaining. That should come from the marketplace and raises should be dictated by the free market place. Unions should not collectively bully companies into giving raises that are not merited by the marketplace.

If people continue to earn more than they are worth then they will be worth nothing. Short term generosity to current employees ends up in the long term bankruptcy of companies and a dearth of future jobs.
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