Obama's Class Warfare Schtick

It plays well with the union-dense Left
Right now, in fact, Obama is the most happy fella in the country! Everything he set out to do he is succeeding in doing and at warp speed.

Let’s remember the mission he himself articulated to an astoundingly gullible public, the desire to “transform” America. Not to maintain its strengths, not to enhance its natural endowments, not to bolster its economy, not to enforce and reinforce its Constitution, not to exhibit pride at its exceptionalism.

Rather, to transform, as in radically change, all these things. To share the wealth ... remember?

Why? Because Marxists loathe America! And they fume with a seething, boiling rage that the solutions for society’s ills they’ve dreamed up over the past hundred years have failed so thunderously. Everything they thought would work – to reduce crime, improve education, level the playing field, create safe streets and secure homes – has gotten worse.

Marxists revile capitalism! To them, the best economic system known to man is the worst system in the world. “It’s not fair,” they whine like the chronic malcontents they are.

The money men who give Obama his marching orders continue to reign supreme. Money talks! It also exposes people for who they really are. The Obamas have revealed themselves as classic nouveau-riche types, spending money like drunken sailors that belongs to We the People, engaging in truly embarrassing displays of conspicuous consumption, and then, like winking, in-on-the-joke Vaudevillians, using the old leftist class-warfare schtick to pretend that they empathize with the have-nots.

In truth, Obama & Co. are working furiously to create the oligarchic system he so admires … the few at the top, the American public he so reviles and is trying to punish at the bottom.
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