Obama Cracks Up D.C. Regulars

Mounting irrelevancy bedevils Narcissist-In-Chief
"You should pass this jobs plan right away!" Obama exhorted. GOP Sens. Bob Corker, Tenn., and Lindsey Graham, S.C., chuckled.

"Warren Buffet pays a lower tax rate than his secretary -- an outrage he has asked us to fix," Obama went on. Laughter broke out on the GOP side of the aisle.

"This isn't political grandstanding," Obama said. Rep. Paul Ryan, Wis., guffawed.

"This isn't class warfare," Obama said. More hysterics on the right.


"We've identified over 500 (regulatory) reforms which will save billions of dollars," the president claimed. Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Va., and Whip Kevin McCarthy, Calif., giggled.

It was, in a way, more insulting than Joe Wilson's "you lie" eruption during a previous presidential address to Congress. The lawmakers weren't particularly hostile toward the president -- they just regarded the increasingly unpopular Obama as irrelevant.

And the inclination not to take the 43 percent president seriously wasn't entirely limited to the Republicans.

(WaPo's Dana Millbank from orlandosentinel.com)

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