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Anthony 'Boner' Weiner's seat up for grabs
Obama will obviously not do anything to create jobs, because he does not believe in the ability of the private sector to drive the economic engine of this country. He believes in the expansion of government. He came in selling hope and change and promised to be a post-partisan president, yet he has governed from the extreme left since day one. He sets up straw men and knocks them down, but accomplishes nothing.

His is basically a wounded presidency constantly seeking to press the reset button, but never hitting any winners. The crisis continues to grow and the hole we are in deepens and widens. There are no signs of improvement on the horizon.

He is almost an accidental president. Nobody really knows where he came from, what he believes in, what he accomplished prior to his election, and why he should be reelected. He is almost a reincarnation of Jimmy Carter. Unemployment is endemic, economic growth is nonexistent, and class warfare is not working. The tried-and-tested blame Bush approach has been fruitless; massive government spending hasn’t accomplished a thing, and running up the deficit has had no positive impact. None of the liberal truths is being borne out now that they are finally being put into practice.

And it’s worse than that. The same folks who brought you Obamacare and deficits and try to continuously raise your taxes to pay for their follies are the people who are in a bitter battle against religion and moral values. These same people seek to embarrass Israel at every opportunity. They promote a radical agenda at every turn, publicly and privately.

The president doesn’t believe in American superiority. He doesn’t believe that America is the beacon of freedom and justice for the world. He travels across the globe apologizing for America’s greatness. He seeks to remold this country in the image of failing European socialism, even as those countries try to escape from those mistakes and adopt American capitalism. He seeks an equation of casualty, comparing Palestinian freedom fighters to Israelis who just want to live in peace in the Biblical home of their forefathers and mothers. As the Palestinians press forward with their statehood bid, the fallout is sure to be catastrophic, pushing Israel further into a steadily shrinking diplomatic corner.

And what can we do about it?

For those who reside in New York’s 9th congressional district, there is a chance on September 13th to protest what Obama has done on a national scale and what the party of David Weprin has done on a local scale.
(from sanfranciscosentinel.com)

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