The Truth About Wisconsin Unions

Four facts you may not know about the impact unions have had in Wisconsin
1. Protesting at the Special Olympics isn’t off limits
When union protesters heard Governor Scott Walker would give a pep talk to Special Olympians, they shockingly dressed up like zombies and disrupted the event (Washington Examiner, June).

2. Protestors caused $7.5 million in damage to the Wisconsin State House
Union protestors who swarmed the State House and climbed through windows in an attempt to disrupt the people’s business caused millions in damage in the process (Journal Sentinel, March).

3. So many government employees skipped work that schools closed
In Madison, Wisconsin, the entire school district was closed for three days as hundreds of government employees called in “sick” (Maclver Insitute, February).

4. Government unions force taxpayers to fund liberals
In 2010, the largest government employee union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, gave Democrats $90 million. Many employees are forced to join these unions and parts of their dues go directly to liberal politicians (Washington Examiner, February).
(from kapankeforsenate.com)

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