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The Weiner Career Death Watch; he's on an ugly downward spiral
Let me just come right out and say it: Anthony Weiner is done.

(Yes, I was going to write “cooked,” but I talked myself out of it. This is a serious topic about an absurd man. I’ve got to hold off on the puns as long as I can.)

Weiner might not be forced to resign his seat. New York has kept some patently absurd and corrupt people in Congress for a very long time. It would be a poignant image from the decline of a great Republic to capture a photo of Charlie Rangel napping through Weiner’s tearful resignation speech.

The Democrats are the party that gave Charlie Rangel a standing ovation after his slap on the wrist for flagrant, sickening corruption. They aren’t likely to turn on a married man who sent a lewd photo to a college girl, if indeed Weiner turns out to be the one who sent that package.

Dang it, I only made it through two paragraphs without a pun. I’m sorry, folks. I tried.

At any rate, as long as Weiner looks electable, no one in the Democrat Party will pressure him to resign that seat. His problem is that he’s become ridiculous. His role as a front-line attack dog for the Democrats’ ugly class warfare tactics is over.

From now on, he’s just a blowhard who will have to put up with audiences bursting into uncontrollable fits of laughter at the mention of his name.
(from humanevents.com)

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