Typical Police Union Crime Alleged

Union big accused of taking $16K from charities

A former police officer accused of embezzling more than $16,000 while serving as president of a police charity group apparently has struggled financially in recent years.

Cassandra Briggs left a Lancaster County, Nebraska courtroom using a back stairwell Friday after facing a judge for the first time on two charges of felony theft by deception. Her attorney, Jerrod Jaeger, declined to comment.

Briggs, an officer since 1995, is accused of taking about $13,000 from a checking account that belongs to Lincoln Police Union Charities and is used to fund the Santa Cop program, which donates Christmas toys for low-income children. Police also say she took about $3,000 from a scholarship fund for officers' children.

Investigators say the 41-year-old put some of the money in her PayPal and bank accounts and used other funds to cover her monthly rent and "civil obligations."
(from journalstar.com)

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