Power-Drunk Union Bigs On The Ropes

Is organized labor self-destructing?
Unions and their fat cat bosses are truly shaking in their boots that their power and money may be coming to an end. Just the other day I heard a news clip that Richard Trumka (president of AFL-CIO) threatened Democrats that they better do more for the unions or they will yank funding.

Everyone has heard the stories and knows how unions had a place in our history and were needed, i.e. “Norma Rae.” However, now it seems that the workers need a new organization to protect themselves from their unions.

Unions have morphed from being a local organization of workers making sure they were protected and given a living wage to a national company of employees that their only job is union business. This presents a problem relating to conflict of interest – do they do what is best for the workers they represent and who pay their wages or do they keep the money rolling in and look out for themselves? I’m guessing there are some in this situation that are trying to represent the union members. But more union employees – the more as you rise to the boss level – are working only to keep their jobs and the perks and power that come with their positions.
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