Manipulative Obama Tactics REVEALED!

Saul Alinsky's rules govern left-wing experts
Have you ever wondered what goes on in those left-wing, politically correct “leadership seminars” in which individuals learn how to become “leaders”? Who and what are they trying to lead? According to Beverly Eakman, America’s best writer on the subject of psychological warfare, these so-called leaders are professionally trained to manipulate you in going along with a group that promotes an idea, or a program, or a policy which you may at first not agree with, but in the end find yourself unable to resist.

Ms. Eakman’s enlightening book, How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics, is a must read for those who will be involved in such group meetings. When you become aware of the unethical techniques used by these consensus-building community leaders, you become immune to their methods and your individualism reasserts itself.

As an employee in a federal agency, Ms. Eakman was required to attend a sexual harassment-AIDS awareness workshop in order to adopt the politically correct mindset regarding such ideas as “homophobia” or “intolerance.” It was a not-so-subtle form of values clarification, a form of Psych-War.

She writes: “Today, be it the workplace, a community forum, airport security, or the PTA, team spirit (the old Marxists called it “collective spirit”) is valued above individual conscience and over unique ideas.… Schoolchildren … can encounter similar problems in the classroom. It’s all Marxist tactics, just dressed differently.”

It’s all based on the psychologically known fact that “it‘s easier to control a group than it is to control a single individual.” That is why leftists prefer to deal with groups than individuals. If a community organizer, like Barack Obama, “can generate a mob mentality, and get it to work for him, control of the agenda is usually assured.”

That’s what Obama learned as a provocateur and community organizer in Chicago, how to manipulate a group of citizens to adopt his left-wing, pro-socialist agenda.

Ms. Eakman delves into Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the handbook which Obama read in order to apply these manipulative techniques to his work at a community organizer and later as a political candidate. His ability to speak before huge crowds of adoring supporters permitted him to stroke their fragile egos “to make them believe they were more ‘aware’ than they really were.” Such techniques have been used by every demagogue in history.
(from thenewamerican.com)

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