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Will strike for antiquated 'closed shop' mandate
Thousands of union workers and supporters from around the country gathered in East Stroudsburg Saturday to show their support for workers of Pocono Medical Center. The service workers union there has been negotiating with the medical center's owners over a new contract, but there's been no agreement despite two strikes.

Actor and activist Danny Glover was at Saturday's rally in support of Service Employees' International Union Members of Pocono Medical Center. Glover has a personal connection to union workers' rights.

"I come out here because I've watched, listened to my parents talk about and shape the union in San Francisco of postal employees of being active at a very critical time," said Danny Glover.

SEIU organizers want to keep their closed union shop, meaning all service workers would be unionized. Workers voted to have the closed shop, but it wasn't unanimous.

Pocono Medical Center said in a statement "Pocono Medical Center continues to believe that its employees should have the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not they should pay union dues in order to keep their jobs."

550 employees have been working under the terms of an expired contract for more than six months; they have even held two strikes. PMC says they have been treating patients without disruption.
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