Tito-Soviet, The Rosenbergs, Fidel

On this day: April 5
Yugoslav leader Josip "Tito" Broz signs an agreement with the USSR to allow "temporary entry of Soviet troops into Yugoslav territory." (1945)

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are sentenced to death for performing espionage for the Soviet Union (1951)

Fidel Castro declares himself at war with the President of Cuba (1956)

In India, Communists win the first elections in united Kerala and E.M.S. Namboodiripad is sworn in as the first chief minister (1957)

Massive antiwar demonstrations occur in many U.S. cities (1969)

d: Georges Danton (1794), Karl Otto Koch (1945), Ain-Ervin Mere (1969), Abe Fortas (1982), Allen Ginsberg (1997)

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