Suspend Badger Bargaining Privileges?

But phase-in scheme would re-create conditions for BigGov bubble Progononics
A remedy must be reached that falls in the golden mean between the extremes of protecting full collective bargaining rights on the one hand and tearing up those rights on the other. Here's a suggestion that could work as a temporary remedy.

Suspend collective bargaining until cooler heads in the legislature, executive, and unions are able to fully address the budget crisis including any unfunded liabilities in public pensions and health insurance. Restore those rights when the crisis has passed and economic conditions allow the executive to be more accommodative to the needs of public employees without imposing unreasonable burdens on current and future taxpayers.

Wisconsin historically has been at the forefront of worker rights. The state can reassert its leadership in this domain if it can amicably find the elusive golden mean. Cooler heads must prevail.
(Edward J. O'Boyle from thenewsstar.com)

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