Worker-Choice Threatens Granite State

Dem Gov. to veto modernized collective bargaining law that would disarm union bigs
The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to make New Hampshire the first state in the Northeast to enact a “right-to-work” law that would block unions from compelling payment from employees.

The 221-131 vote sends the controversial bill (HB 474) to the state Senate without the two-thirds super majority that would be needed to overcome a potential veto from Gov. John Lynch, who strongly opposes it.

House Deputy Speaker Pamela Tucker, R-Greenland, claimed that this is the biggest job-creation incentive legislators could adopt in 2011. New Hampshire would become a magnet for new employers by embracing this worker-choice measure, she said.

“New Hampshire would be the first state in the Northeast to pass right-to-work legislation and would help us become a haven for employers seeking a pro-business environment,” Tucker said.

“Freedom is a core New Hampshire belief, and freedom of association and choice is a fundamental right of every NH citizen.”
(from nashuatelegraph.com)

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