Updating Antiquated Labor Laws

Union bigs oppose modernization, cling bitterly to rent-seeking subsidies
When state Sen. Shannon Jones testifies on Ohio Senate Bill 5 today, there will some fellow Warren County residents supporting her efforts to limit the power of public unions in collective bargaining negotiations.

Ten residents met just before 11 a.m. at the Country Kitchen restaurant at Ohio routes 123 and 350 to carpool to Columbus to provide moral support to Jones, R-Clearcreek Twp., who introduced the bill last week to the displeasure of the reportedly 800-plus union members in attendance.

Jones and other Republicans unveiled details of the most sweeping attempt in 27 years to limit the power of public unions to negotiate terms of employment.

Collective bargaining would be wiped out for all state workers, including those at institutions of higher education. Local police officers and fire fighters who cannot strike would see weakened binding arbitration if the bill is passed.

Local workers would no longer bargain for health insurance, automatic pay increases would be stripped from state law, and teachers would not get a say in which buildings they teach in, opponents of the bill said.
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