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Forced-labor unionists crush worker-choice alternatives
Can Republicans oppose “right to work“? Absolutely. Here’s some proof from Jefferson County, Mo.

The Jefferson County Republican Central Committee recently unanimously approved a resolution condemning “right to work” proposals being pushed by a handful of state senators, notably Missouri Senate President Pro-Tem Rob Mayer.

So called “right-to-work” bills are “divisive and are not the way our state should go,” said Committee Chairman Janet Engelbach, whose husband George is a member of Sheet Metal Workers Local 36.

Engelbach said the committee sent copies of the resolution to Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, as well as to Republican leaders in the Missouri Senate, House of Representatives and the Missouri Republican State Committee.

Other lawmakers in Missouri and around the country who are pushing for “right-to-work” legislation should heed the actions of the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee–if not for for the well-being of workers in their communities, then for their own job security.

As former Missouri Sen. Kit Bond said in 1978, the last “right to work” campaign in Missouri was “a disaster.” It wiped out every single Republican from top to bottom.
(from blog.aflcio.org)

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