Hoosier GOP Bigs H8 Worker-Choice

End to forced-labor unionism termed 'noxious'
“Friend of labor” is one title no one would ever expect to see attached to Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma. But the National Right to Work Committee insists he deserves it.

Mark Mix, president of the Virginia-based organization, sent a letter to Indiana Right to Work supporters, urging them to contact Bosma.
“It now appears that in the Indiana General Assembly, Big Labor is no longer the only foe you and I have to worry about in our fight to pass the Indiana Right to Work bill,” Mix writes. “It is clear that (Bosma) has been pulling strings behind the scenes to stop Right to Work by refusing to allow either hearings or an up-or-down vote.”

According to Mix, it’s no secret that the Indianapolis Republican has ambitions of running for statewide office, so he is “trying to boost his future political prospects with a misguided attempt to somehow appease Big Labor!”
Mix’s appeal includes four pre-printed postcards urging Bosma to allow HB 1028 to proceed.

In the speaker’s defense, he’s not the only state official reluctant to wade into a bruising battle over the noxious right-to-work legislation. Gov. Mitch Daniels said in December that such a bill could derail progress on other items on his agenda.
(from journalgazette.net)

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