Daniels Deep in Labor's Pocket

Prog GOP Gov casts lot with union bigs, against worker-choice
The Indiana Chamber of Commerce released a study Monday that shows Indiana’s economy would be stronger with a right-to-work law.

But the leader of the Indiana State AFL-CIO called the study misleading and inaccurate.

The chamber-funded study says Indiana’s per-capita income would be higher if it had the law, which would ban companies from making union membership and dues mandatory.

An Ohio University economist said if Indiana had adopted a right-to-work law in 1977, the state’s per-capita income would have been $2,925 higher in 2008.

Passage of the law this year would raise per capita income $968 by 2021, study author Richard Vedder said.

The chamber is a key supporter of a right-to-work law, even as Gov. Mitch Daniels has discouraged its consideration this year.

“Our results suggest that the impact of a (right-to-work) law is to increase economic growth rates by 11.5 percent,” Vedder wrote in the study. “The work suggests that over two-thirds of the difference between Indiana and the national rates of economic growth in modern times is explainable by Indiana’s lack of” such a law.
(from courier-journal.com)

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