Another Labor-State Weighs Worker-Choice

Modernized alternative to forced-labor unionism introduced
About 300 union members and sympathizers packed the House chamber hoping to block a free-market conservative movement taking away the right of unions to compel payment.

The so-called Right to Work bill (HB 474) has been perennial roadkill in the New Hampshire Legislature but the super-majorities in both houses could change the fortunes for this controversial, labor law change.

Rep. Carl Seidel, R-Nashua, said making all employees in a closed shop join a union or make so-called 'fair share' payments goes against New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die motto.

“I think it is appropriate for the people of this state with the motto of Live Free or Die for them to be able to have the right to deal with an employer directly,” Seidel said.
(from nashuatelegraph.com)

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