The American Dream in Reverse

How Job-Killing Labor Unions are Destroying American Jobs and the Economy
The United States is heading for financial despair, with the worst of the recession yet to be felt by the millions of Americans out of work. The financial crisis, according to controversial author and financial expert Robert S. Graham, is not over and in fact, may have only begun. While there are many factors that have contributed to this economic crisis, one perpetrator plays an especially damaging role in suppressing our country’s ability to climb out of this recession.

“Today’s unions’ attempts at relevancy are, at best, grasping at straws.”

In his controversial new book, Job Killers: The American Dream in Reverse, financial expert Robert S. Graham calls for the eradication of labor unions, detailing their strong-arm politicking, forced memberships and outlandish policies that are not only failing to serve their members, but are detrimental to our country’s financial security and survival.

“Today’s unions’ attempts at relevancy are, at best, grasping at straws. There is a reason President Obama has backpedaled in his support of unions,” Graham said. “Thanks to the Department of Labor and other taxpayer-funded organizations, 120 million American workers are protected under 180 different laws. We don’t need unions. Their actions over the past several decades have made it clear their intentions no longer protect workers.”

Graham spent years studying labor unions, calculating their influence on each state’s ability to thrive financially. His findings, detailed in the book, are surprising:

  • Right to work states earned more than non-right to work states by 10%.
  • Americans who work in non-right to work states work more hours for less money.
  • Right to work job growth in industries such as manufacturing, construction and others far outpaced non-right to work states by as much as 92%.

“Countless studies by many of the nation’s top economists show labor unions’ parasitic influence on our workforce,” Graham said. “What began as an admirable movement has turned detrimental for the American worker. It’s time to take back America’s right to work and prosper and there is no better time than the present to make it happen.”

Job Killers offers concrete, sustainable solutions to getting America’s businesses back on track such as enacting more right-to-work laws and ways states can gain more control over their economic potential. In addition, Graham arms readers with tools to create synergy in the workplace without the presence of unions as well as economic recovery fundamentals. Employees, business managers and government leaders alike should be reading this insightful book chock-full of solutions.
(from businesswire.com)

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Anonymous said...

This book looks fascinating. I agree...it's interesting Obama has backed off his buddy-buddy stance with unions.

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