Unions Boast Typical No-Show Jobs

Is BigGov-BigLabor collective bargaining corrupt?

Taxpayer funded federal, state, and municipal no-show jobs exist throughout the country. In 2002, the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) union Local 12 had 9 such full-time union time jobs at the United States Department of Labor. These 9 union officials were working full-time on union activities as union employees and officers and never spent any time working as federal employees. Yet, they were paid by the federal government (taxpayers).

In 2003, the NY-NJ Port Authority Police Department union was allowed to have four union officers/”police officers” spend their entire time working on union activity, and none for the Port Authority. Yet, the Port Authority paid their salaries and benefits.

Now, during the NY City Big Snow Slowdown controversy, it comes to light that New York City taxpayers pay six (6) SEIU sanitation officers to work full time on union business, not city business. BigGovernment .com has the report:

[Additional supporting information (to download complete supporting documentation packet, click here)]

(full story at: nrtwc.org)

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