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Show-Me voters weigh worker-choice alternative to forced-labor unionism
Cape Girardeau Sen. Jason Crowell wants to let voters decide whether to make Missouri a "right to work" state. This legislative session, and for the past several years, Crowell has filed legislation that would prohibit union-only workplaces.

"I think it is in the best interest of the entire state when you look at job growth and standard-of-living data, right-to-work states are where the leaders are," Crowell said.

Under current Missouri law, employees at some companies have to pay union membership dues in order to work as a condition of their employer-union contracts. Crowell's Senate Bill 109 proposes a statewide vote in August 2012 whether to eliminate that situation.

There are 22 right-to-work states, including Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas and Tennessee. Oklahoma was the last state to adopt right-to-work in 2001.

Governments in right-to-work states save millions of taxpayer dollars by not having to having to follow prevailing wage laws, Crowell said.

"I have been told that when Missouri is compared to Arkansas in per-construction-mile costs for highways, Missouri is four times higher than Arkansas. Arkansas is a right-to-work state, Missouri is not," Crowell said. "I have been told that school districts, if they were exempted from prevailing wage laws, that they could save threefold in construction costs. This would save taxpayers millions in Cape Girardeau if they didn't have to pay union prevailing wages on the current school construction projects."
(from semissourian.com)

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