Progs ❤-H8 Unions

Collective bargaining hypocrisy EXPOSED!
There is something untoward—almost indecent—in listening to liberal-speak*. To hear them talk, liberals progressives love, Love LOVE unions.

In fact, if it weren’t for unions out beating on doors and pounding the pavement every election cycle to get Democrats elected, most progressives would be relegated to the fringes of society to sit on street corners eating alfalfa sprouts and blogging about vegan pee.

However, when their Pavlovian unions-are-man’s-best-friend rhetoric comes to pay a visit on their own fire hydrants, progressives come unhinged. You see, all too often, they feel unions are great for everyone else … just not them.
(read the full story from laborunionreport at: redstate.com)

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