O-Progs Contaminate America

Class Warfare Sucks
This is the land of opportunity and, as such, rather than worrying about working alongside a rich person at Walmart, why not go to school and pull one's self up by the bootstraps and earn the way to a better life? It is so easy to demand that the rich pay their fair share of the taxes, but what about those who do not pay anything to help America to pay as it goes? Why is it OK for them to get away with not contributing anything to make America a better place for all of us? It's far too easy to play the class-warfare nonsense that the Democrats use to try to divide Americans than to say: United we stand; divided we fall.

This is one big country with a heart of gold, but we are not made of gold! We must pay as we go and that means everyone who is capable of working and earning a living. Envy should not be an American trait. Class warfare must be stopped before it contaminates America.
(from news-journalonline.com)

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