Corrupt Class Warriors Storm Chicago

The Rahmfather's $100K club EXPOSED!
Local and national hedge fund managers and movie industry moguls helped mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel collect more than $10 million in a mere three months for his mayoral run.

Twenty-four supporters gave $100,000 or more to the campaign before new limits on contributions kicked in Jan. 1. Now individuals can give only $5,000 each per election cycle, so director Steven Spielberg would not be able to give the $75,000 he donated last year.

Emanuel’s rivals for the mayor’s seat find those big-dollar contributions — especially the out-of-town ones — worrisome.

“This ... is an obscene amount of money,” said City Clerk Miguel del Valle. “This is Chicago. We should not be picking a mayor of the city of Chicago based on what Hollywood star or what Hollywood tycoon is able to provide ... funding for the mayoral candidate.”
(from suntimes.com)

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