Individualism Retards New Prog Era

Nobody puts achievement in a corner


Comrade Obama Wants You

To Fundamentally Transform the U.S.A.


A Merry Ruling Class Christmas

Another year of overborrowing by featherbedding Progs


The Progs Who Stole Christmas

Are you better off than you were before 2006?


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Congress Celebrates Passover

Leftwing D.C. Progs have been naughty, not nice


BigGov Takes On Four Loko

Ruling Class to law-abiding citizens: STFU


Albania, Libya, NorKs

On this day: December 24
Library of Congress burns (1851)

Albania becomes a people's republic (1924)

Libya becomes independent from Italy; Idris I is proclaimed King (1951)

The crew of the USS Pueblo is released by North Korea after being held for 11 months on suspicion of spying (1968)

President Barack Obama and family arrive in Oahu, Hawaii for a 10-day holiday vacation (2009)

b: Howard Hughes (1905), I. F. Stone (1907); d: Vasco da Gama (1524), Johns Hopkins (1873), John Muir (1914)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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