Shut the Shovel-Ready Road to Serfdom

Meet Kristi Noem, U.S. House Class of 2010


Thank You AFL-CIO for 2010

Blocking the will of the common worker-voter-duespayer


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Collectivism Trumps U.S. Constitution

Meet Socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders
Q: How can a self-identified Socialist take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? A: Lie.

The Constitution is the antithesis of socialism. It restrains government, while socialism expands it. It commands the sanctity of private property, while socialism denies it. The Constitution's tenets are faith, family and self-reliance. Socialism's tenets are the primacy of the state and the need for a chosen few masterminds to redistribute wealth.

You can't be a self-identified socialist and honestly take an oath to uphold the Constitution.

You simply can't.

Sanders and any other self-identified socialists, Marxists and Statist-progressives should be systematically expelled from every office in the land. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.
(from directorblue.blogspot.com)

Obama Messaging Breaks Through

WH creates-saves new normal for D.C. Ruling Class


Job-Killing Tax Increase Set for Jan. 1

O-Progs hustle 'The Middle Class'


Is BigGov a U.S. Tradition?

Joe Biden knows how to create-save your railroad


Ruling Class RINOs On Probation

Uncomfortable pose for D.C. collectivists


Beware U.S. Fascist Progs

BigBiz helps Pandering BigGov Make It So
There are two ways for a government to be ‘pro-business.’ The first way is to avoid interfering in capitalist acts among consenting adults – that is, to keep taxes low, regulations few, and subsidies non-existent. This ‘pro-business’ stance promotes widespread prosperity because in reality it isn’t so much pro-business as it is pro-consumer. When this way is pursued, businesses are rewarded for pleasing consumers, and only for pleasing consumers.

The second, and very different, way for government to be pro-business is to bestow favors and privileges on politically connected firms. These favors and privileges, such as tariffs and export subsidies, invariably oblige consumers to pay more – either directly in the form of higher prices, or indirectly in the form of higher taxes – for goods and services. This way of being pro-business reduces the nation’s prosperity by relieving businesses of the need to satisfy consumers. When this second way is pursued, businesses are rewarded for pleasing politicians. Competition for consumers’ dollars is replaced by competition for political favors.

The fact that more than 200 American business executives are in India with the President is cause to fear that any pro-business policies he might adopt will be of the second, impoverishing sort.
(from cafehayek.com)

How Could We Lose The Supermajority?

The Unspeakable


Stalin, Kristallnacht, Chamberlain

On this day: November 9
Joseph Stalin enters the provisional government of the USSR (1917)

The Congress of Industrial Organizations is founded in Atlantic City by eight trade unions belonging to the American Federation of Labor (1935)

Kristallnacht - Germany's first large-scale physical act of anti-Jewish violence - begins (1938)

Communist-controlled East Germany opens checkpoints in the Berlin Wall allowing its citizens to travel to West Germany; people start demolishing the Berlin Wall (1989)

b: Spiro Agnew (1918); d: Mary Jane Kelly (1888), Ramsay MacDonald (1937), Neville Chamberlain (1940), Ed Bradley (2006)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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