BigLabor's BigGov Shakedown EXPOSED!

Just like Bernie Madoff on steroids


"Here's a book that truly deserves those overused adjectives 'timely' and 'important.' It enables us to grasp and analyze the root causes of the catastrophic financial collapse of so many state and local governments as well as the seemingly sudden explosion of federal spending and the unprecedented peace-time penetration of federal power into our now beleaguered free enterprise economy. The economic crisis provided the pretext for Uncle Sam's neo-socialist power grab and laid bare the appalling weakness of much of our local government finance." -- Steve Forbes in the Foreword to Shakedown

"The mainstream media is not interested in exposing the powerful machinations of public sector unions and social service advocacy groups, and their increasingly strong grip on politics. Why? For that you have to turn to writers like Steve Malanga and books like Shakedown." -- Andrew Breitbart

"While the federal fiscal mess has had lots of attention, Americans face even more danger from runaway spending and improvident pension promises by state and local governments. Steven Malanga provides the grisly details in Shakedown: The Continuing Conspiracy Against the American Taxpayer. He shows how public sector unions and government-financed "community organizers" are wreaking ruin on our private sector economy." -- Michael Barone, Senior Political Analyst, Washington Examiner

The Silent Majority Reawakens

Down with all kings, all potentates


Why O-Progs H8 Free Market Capitalism

Leftwing rulers prefer cronyism, BigGov subsidies and tax breaks


Obama's Hail Mary EXPOSED!

Cynical collectivist poses as Creationist for last-minute electioneering

BigLabor plays politics with patriotic worker

ACLU, EEOC disappear in face of union oppression


TEA Party returns to Chicago roots

President Obama, are you listening?


Will social justice ever be served?

Fannie Freddie fraud typical Prog crony capitalism


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The Heart Governs the Mind

Women lead resurgence while men cling bitterly to Prog-BigGov cronyism

Axis, Soviet-Cuba, Coughlin, Carville

On this day: October 25
Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini create the Rome-Berlin Axis (1936)

Adlai Stevenson shows photos at the UN proving Soviet missiles are installed in Cuba (1962)

The U.S. and its Caribbean allies invade Grenada, six days after Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and several of his supporters were executed in a coup d'├ętat (1983)

b: Father Coughlin (1891), James Carville (1944); d: Bat Masterson (1921)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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