Forced-labor union cash colors 2010 ballot

AFSCME: But we don't like to brag
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is now the biggest outside spender of the 2010 elections, thanks to an 11th-hour effort to boost Democrats that has vaulted the public-sector union ahead of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO and a flock of new Republican groups in campaign spending.

AFSCME, the public-employees union, has vaulted ahead of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to become the largest campaign spender of 2010. Jerry Seib discusses how that could boost the Democrats? Plus, Neil King on the Republican wave sweeping Indiana.

The 1.6 million-member AFSCME is spending a total of $87.5 million on the elections after tapping into a $16 million emergency account to help fortify the Democrats' hold on Congress. Last week, AFSCME dug deeper, taking out a $2 million loan to fund its push. The group is spending money on television advertisements, phone calls, campaign mailings and other political efforts, helped by a Supreme Court decision that loosened restrictions on campaign spending.

"We're the big dog," said Larry Scanlon, the head of AFSCME's political operations. "But we don't like to brag."
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The End of Tyranny?

Tea Party - The Documentary Film roundly ignored by Lamestreams


D.C. Reality Bites Ruling Dems

But many Beltway Republicans ♡ corrupt BigGov, too


The Regime Strikes Back

We don't need no stinkin' manifesto for shovel-ready B.S.


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Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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How Obama ♡s Hugo Chávez

Progressive nukes in U.S. backyard evokes JFK-Cuba
US President Barack Obama said he had no objection to Venezuela developing nuclear power for civilian energy purposes, days after Caracas and Moscow signed a landmark deal.

"We have no incentive nor interest in increasing friction between Venezuela and the US, but we do think Venezuela needs to act responsibly," Obama told Spanish media at the White House.

"Our attitude is that Venezuela has rights to peacefully develop nuclear power," he said, adding that as a signatory of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty it must also meet its obligations not to weaponize those systems.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez clinched a deal in Moscow on Friday that will see Russia build and operate the first nuclear power plant in his country.

Closer ties between Moscow and Caracas -- Chávez has bought more than four billion dollars of weapons from Russia and promised to give it greater access to Venezuelan oil fields -- are being closely watched in Washington.

In an apparent reference to the United States, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev acknowledged that the move to build the nuclear research facility could concern some countries.

"I do not know if anyone is going to shudder at this. The president (Chávez) said there are going to be states that have different emotions about this. But I wanted to say our intentions are clean and honest."

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Obamanistas NewsBusted Again

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky


Bonus links:
Summary of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals'
• More Saul Alinsky stories: here
'Rules for Radicals' at amazon.com

Red, Black, Ethiopia

On this day: October 24
The day of the October revolution, The Red Revolution (1917)

"Black Thursday" stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange (1929)

Italy invades Ethiopia (1935)

Founding of the United Nations (1945)

President Dwight D. Eisenhower pledges U. S. support to South Vietnam (1954)

b: George Crumb (1929); b: Kweisi Mfume (1948), Mary Bono (1961); d: Rosa Parks (2005)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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