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Transcript: Stanley Kurtz - Sean Hannity interview, 10/18/10

New blockbuster: Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism

00:04:37Joining me to explain, author of the new book Radical-in-Chief, Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American socialism, Stanley Kurtz is with us.
00:04:50Thanks for having me.
00:04:51Sean: hiding socialism.
00:04:53It is interesting when conservatives such as myself and others pointed out we felt Barack Obama had radical ties and socialist, radical views, we were laughed at, made fun of.
00:05:08People thought we were too hard.
00:05:11Too harsh.
00:05:12Now 60% of the American people view him as socialist.
00:05:16Were we right?
00:05:17You were absolutely right.
00:05:19Frankly I was nervous about the socialism charge myself.
00:05:21When I started searching Barack Obama's history after two years probing the archives, I realized that you and all the people who said he was socialist were right.
00:05:32The book vindicates what you have been saying for the last three years.
00:05:36Sean I thought we went deep into his background I read Dreams of My Father, Audacity of Hope, what did you find that stood out more than anything else that proved this point?
00:05:47Well, the big picture is there is almost a conveyor belt running from socialist activism to community organizing to electoral politics.
00:05:58Obama was riding that conveyor belt.
00:06:01The reason people don't understand that is community organizers intentionally keep their socialism secret.
00:06:09The book explains the background of community organizing and I used that to explain his entire political career.
00:06:18One example, the beginning of the book lays out what happens at conferences Barack Obama an continued when he lived in New York City between 1983 and 1985.
00:06:29Those conferences connected Obama to groups, strategies to mentors that have guided his entire political career.
00:06:38For example, this conference, community organizing is the key to moving America gradually toward socialism.
00:06:46Obama would first have heard about the groups ACORN and Project Vote.
00:06:53Most amazing of all, these conferences touted a newly form alliance between Black Liberation Theology and socialism.
00:07:03It was these socialists conferences that Obama on the path that led home to Reverend Wright.
00:07:09 That's the key that led him to Reverend Wright, which Black Liberation heology rooted in mark.
00:07:17You go into detail about the scholar's conference and Democratic Socialists of America and activities that he attend during the years we have all question marks about.
00:07:30His time in New York.
00:07:33Basically, you are saying this was him from the very beginning?
00:07:36That's right Sean.
00:07:38Those socialist conferences gave Obama a program for his whole career.
00:07:43It didn't stop in his early adulthood it went right on.
00:07:47Those conferences pointed Obama, for example to a remarkable community organizer training institute in Chicago call the Midwest Academy.
00:07:56The Midwest Academy was run by some of America's most prominent socialists.
00:08:02These community organizers, strongly believe you don't talk about your socialism out loud.
00:08:08You use it to strategize.
00:08:10You don't tell the people you organize about your socialism.
00:08:14These are the folks who trained Obama, funded Obama and most importantly, they sponsored his political career.
00:08:21Why would they have done that if he didn't their their views?
00:08:26 You quote Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and it is no surprise he's governing in this fashion.
00:08:37Is there any indication in your analysis, in your study, that he has any capacity to change or recognize that he's wrong?
00:08:46Because seeps to be lashing out at his own base as we were discussing earlier.
00:08:51He seems to think it is a communication problem as we saw in the New York Times this weekend.
00:08:56Seems to as we were talking with Karl Rove earlier, to think that the American people just don't get it.
00:09:03And that they are not scientifically -- they are too afraid they are not scientifically-oriented in times of fear?
00:09:13I don't think he will change his views maybe if the election is an overwhelming repudiation of him he'll put himself in check temporarily.
00:09:22What he has been doing lately fits closely to the long term political strategies his socialist mentors had.
00:09:30He's been attack the Chamber of Commerce, a real American institution.
00:09:35A lot of people saying why is he doing that?
00:09:38What's the political gain?
00:09:39Obama's socialist mentors have a long term strategy for raligning the Democratic and Republican party along class lines.
00:09:46They thought if you attack business and drive it out of the Democratic party you simultaneously jumpstart a populist anti-business movement of the Left.
00:09:55Bring that into the Democrats then the country is polarized on class lines and in the thought of his mentors the party of have-nots will gravitate toward increasingly socialist ideas.
00:10:10 40 million in need of food stamps, 1 in 7 Americans in poverty.
00:10:15Stanley, good book, thanks.
00:10:17Thanks Sean.

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