Who are you, Congressman Etheridge?

We are the people who will vote out union-backed O-Dems


Erik Erickson takes on the GOP

Can tough love save liberty from smiley-faced fasicsm?


Obama-SEIU corruption bubbles over

Another frequent WH visitor-criminal probed by FBI

Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement urging Barack Obama to fire former SEIU head Andy Stern from the National Debt Commission and to discontinue White House meetings with Stern amid an FBI investigation into the former labor head and other corruption at the union:

“Until such time that Andy Stern is cleared of all wrongdoing by the FBI, the Obama Administration must dismiss him from the national debt commission, and stop meeting with him. No other person has met with the White House as much as Andy Stern, and now we learn he’s at the heart of an FBI probe.

“Obama must avoid even the appearance of impropriety and immediately distance himself from Stern. Stern has no business sitting on a presidential commission while the FBI is investigating him, or meeting with top White House officials, including Obama.

“If the White House will not fire Stern, then members of Congress must urge Obama to do so. Congress has a vested interest in the findings of the debt commission not being tainted by a union corruption scandal, and assuring that White House appointments are properly vetted.”

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: "Culture of Corruption The Video"

GovMo delivers for O-Pelosi Dems

Every road is an on-ramp to fun with the startlingly new, surprisingly sexy Dodge Deflation™


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Lamestreams, O-Progs NewsBusted Again

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky


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Babi Yar, PRC, Khrushchev

On this day: September 29
At least 33,771 Jews from Kiev and its suburbs were killed at Babi Yar (1941)

The Communist Party of China writes the Common Programme for the future People's Republic of China (1949)

Nikita Khrushchev, leader of Soviet Union, disorders a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly with a number of angry outbursts (1960)

President Barack Obama meets with the NATO Secretary General in the Oval Office (2009)

b: Ludwig von Mises (1881), Bill Nelson (1942); d: Léon Bourgeois (1925), Tom Bradley (1998), Nguyễn Văn Thiệu (2001)

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