Left-wing terrorism on the rise

Is this the anticolonialist example Obama wants to follow?

With European governments paring back the social safety net, and businesses blamed for creating a crisis, left-wing terrorism in Europe is on the march, according to a new report from EuroPol (the European Police Office).
Spain, Greece and Italy reported a total of 40 attacks by left-wing and anarchist groups for 2009. This constitutes an increase of 43 % compared to 2008; the number of attacks more than doubled since 2007.

As in previous years, most attacks were carried out successfully and mainly targeted government and business interests.The majority of these attacks were arsons, reported by Spain, and caused only property damage.

The percentage of IED attacks decreased from 43 % in 2008 to 20 % in 2009; the majority of these bombings occurred in Greece. In Greece, six left-wing terrorist organisations carried out a total of 15 attacks in 2009.
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O-Progs ♡ post-bipartisanship
"Republicans are men of narrow vision, who are afraid of the future." - U.S. President Jimmy Carter

How low will Obama go?

Our Anticolonialist-in-Chief lives high on the D.C. hog


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Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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SEIU disorganizes Dems

Labor-state blues

Just when the Democratic Party in California needs all the help it can get to win its upcoming election battles, a significant part of its base is divided and weakened by internal conflicts and a sickly economy.

California has more unionized workers than any other state, and a higher percentage of its workforce belongs to a union than in all but eight other states. Last year, 2.4 million workers in California, or 17.2 percent of the labor force, belonged to labor unions – far higher than the national figure of 12.3 percent.

These workers have formed the backbone of the Democratic Party's base in California. But California's largest union, the Service Employees International Union, representing some 700,000 workers in the state, is instead fighting the largest private sector union election held in the United States since the United Auto Workers battled the Ford Motor Company in 1941.

Sacramento and labor insiders tell me that SEIU in general is far less of a presence in the State Capitol than usual, especially in helping to craft and lobby for legislation, and is losing valuable time in turning out volunteers – "boots on the ground" – to work on voter registration and other election-year activities.

(from californiawatch.org)

Meet Nancy Pelosi (D-Wicked)

Wounded House Speaker mocked


McKinley, Russia, OPEC, Eugenics

On this day: September 14
President William McKinley dies after an assassination attempt on September 6, and is succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt (1901)

Russia is officially proclaimed a republic (1917)

Groundbreaking for the United Nations headquarters in New York City (1948)

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is founded (1960)

b: Margaret Sanger (1879), Dmitry Medvedev (1965); d: Bachir Gemayel (1982), Paul Joseph James Martin (1992)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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