Obama wants to force you into a union

You're gonna love the jobless bennies


Obama's miserable recovery

Klavan takes on the Culture again


Union operatives pwn labor-state

Politics comes before bargaining and representation
Teachers' unions spent far more per teacher to influence elections in Oregon in 2008 than the unions spent in any other state, according to a study released today.

Combined, the nation's two large teachers' unions and their state affiliates contributed $357 per teacher to elections in Oregon, nearly all of it to fight ballot measures backed by prolific initiative author and union nemesis Bill Sizemore.

The state with the next highest contribution rate, Colorado, saw teacher union political donations of $174 per teacher that year, says the study by labor union tracker Mike Antonucci published in the non-partisan education journal Education Next. The national average was about $22 worth of campaign contributions per teacher.
(from oregonlive.com)

Wealthy slaves deserve social justice

Welcome back to the Liberal Plantation


Selassie, Vichy, Barbara Lee

On this day: July 16
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia signs the first constitution of Ethiopia (1931)

The Vichy France government orders French police officers to round up 13,000-20,000 Jews and imprison them in the Winter Velodrome (1942)

b: Vicente Lombardo Toledano (1894), Hermine Braunsteiner (1919), Barbara Lee (1946); d: Carmelo Soria (1976), Frank Rizzo (1991)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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