New Black Panthers Remix

How long can Lamestreams ignore this story?


Obama brand in trouble

Anti-socialists are cracking the leftwing code
Gallup polling reveals widespread public uncertainty about the "progressive" political label — a label recently embraced by no less than Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. While Kagan described her political views as "generally progressive" during her Senate confirmation hearings, fewer than half of Americans can say whether "progressive" does (12%) or does not (31%) describe their own views. The majority (54%) are unsure.

Large segments of all three ideological groups are unsure what "progressive" means, though liberals are more likely to embrace than reject the label (26% vs. 17%) while conservatives are more likely to reject than embrace it (48% vs. 7%). Democrats are evenly divided on whether the term applies to their views while Republicans overwhelmingly reject it.

Today's findings are consistent with those from a Gallup Panel poll conducted four years ago in which Americans rated their familiarity with "progressive" and five other political terms. At that time, 22% said they were very familiar with the progressive label and another 37% were somewhat familiar, while 40% were not too or not at all familiar — much higher than the levels not familiar with "conservative" (8%) and "liberal" (10%).
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Holder's Justice

Welcome to the New Progressive Era


More bad news for ObamaCare

It's all about spending someone else's money


Imagine U.S. Senator Valerie Jarrett

Blago Trial Update: July 13
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New Black Panthers hunger for attention

No comment from U.S. Department of Social Justice


O-Progs NewsBusted Again

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky


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Bastille Day, Nazi Rules, Putin

On this day: July 14
Citizens of Paris storm the Bastille and free seven prisoners (1789)

In Germany, all political parties are outlawed except the National Socialist German Workers Party (1933)

Russia withdraws from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (2007)

b: Richard Walther Darré (1895), Buenaventura Durruti (1896); d: Adlai Stevenson (1965)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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