Expert: Obama actually fears public

Progressive anti-capitalist cram-downs define Presidency
"A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." - U.S. President John F. Kennedy

Purple is the new Brown

Useful Idiots strike union-dense LSM again



Keynes discredited again and again

You cannot drive a stake through the heart of this

A study at Harvard Business School demonstrates that higher federal spending in a district corresponds with lower corporate spending (via memeorandum)

A number of Council members have blogged about this.

Bookwork Room observes:

Business people understand what liberal policy wonks don’t: all that spending has to be paid for by taxes; all those taxes suck money out of the economy; and an economy with no money is a perilous business environment.

The Provocateur concludes:

The study looked at the last forty years and considered the states in which their Representative ascended to chairmanship of powerful committees. First, the study found that earmarks went up 40-50% and discretionary spending went up by 10% in those states. Meanwhile, private investment, R&D, and sales went down over those same periods. That puts serious cold water to Keynesian theories.

More specifically, The Glittering Eye writes:

In my view that constitutes additional empirical evidence for a Keynesian multiplier of less than one. I’m still waiting for empirical evidence from supporters of fiscal stimulus via deficit spending that measures outputs rather than measuring inputs.

In a later post, The Glittering Eye applies a complementary analysis to the latest report from the CBO.

I concluded that Robbing Peter doesn’t pay Paul.

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WH pleased with progress

Credit Obama-Cloward-Piven for fundamental transformation
USA Today reports that private pay has shrunk to historically low levels, which should send chills down Americans’ spines. After 17 months, we are finally seeing the anticipated results of Obama’s well-designed policies.

And there are those who still think Obama isn’t intentionally trying to bankrupt the United States through the implementation of government programs, nationalizing of industries, bogus “reforms”–all under the guise of good will and fixing a “broken” system.


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Obama police thugs side with SEIU

Typical 'union first' attitude defines public sector

This clip of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewing representatives of the D.C. Metropolitan Police and the Montgomery County Police Department will make your blood boil:

Despite all the spinning, the fact remains that the protesters did not have a permit for their activities, which included terrorizing a Bank of America lawyer’s son inside the house and alarming the neighbors.

At least now we know whose side the cops are on.

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Greedy teacher unionists do it for the kids

If you don't like it you can quit


Angela Davis exposed!

David Horowitz: The War Against the Jews at UC San Diego

It is also fitting that one of the speakers should be Angela Davis, an academic icon and a lifelong Communist who devoted herself to furthering the agendas of the most oppressive, blood-soaked regime in recorded history; and received for her services a Lenin Prize from the East German police state, the most wretched and ruthless of all the Soviet satellite regimes; who bought an arsenal of weapons for a young Black Panther, who attempted to take a judge and his courtroom hostage, blew off the head of the judge and got himself killed in the process.

Today Angela Davis comes as the leader of a 20-year campaign to end what she calls the “Prison-Industrial Complex.” This is a racist campaign to free every incarcerated criminal in the United States who happens to be of a darker skin tone. Her movement is actually doubly racist. First, because it singles out black and Hispanic criminals for “liberation,” and second, because ninety-five percent of their crimes are committed against law-abiding black and Hispanic people. Angela Davis is a “University Professor,” which means that she makes a six-figure income, is provided with a personal staff and is honored in a way that only a select few of University of California faculty are. A revered figure among the academic left, she makes scores of appearances every academic year and receiving $10,000 honoraria an appearance to spread her hatred of white people, of Jews, and of America to college audiences.
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Obama humors cheeky reporter

Assures the public that nothing improper took Rahmbo


Discredited Warmist-Progs persist

Hoax-based energy H8ers green on outside, red on inside


The tingle is gone

Welcome to Obama's Katrina

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