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Obamunist officially reprimanded

Typical ethical violation much ado about nothing

The controversy that began in March with an accusatory report on the conservative clearinghouse BigGovernment.com has resulted in an official reprimand for Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer Andrew McLaughlin, according to records and an internal memo obtained by techPresident this weekend.

McLaughlin was cited for two kinds of actions: using a personal email account for some professional email exchanges and for violating restrictions on contacts with Google, his former employer. Most notable among the latter were a pair of conversations with the Director of U.S. Public Policy for Google about mobilizing Google's resources to respond to negative press mentions.

Those breaches, according to a memo by OSTP Director John Holdren, "implicated" the Federal Records Act and the President's Ethics Pledge signed by McLaughlin upon his employment as an Obama administration point person on innovation and Internet policy, within the White House Office of Technology and Science Policy.

But those people looking for evidence of McLaughlin's wide-ranging network of Google contacts with influence over public policy -- an investigation launched by Rep. Darrell Issa, ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, hinted of contacts with "more than two dozen individuals currently employed by Google, Inc., including a number of senior lobbyists and lawyers" -- are likely going to be disappointed.

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