Expert: Obama in grave danger

Impaired judgment leads to arrogance
"It is difficult for men in high office to avoid the malady of self-delusion. They are always surrounded by worshipers. They are constantly, and for the most part sincerely, assured of their greatness. They live in an artificial atmosphere of adulation and exultation which sooner or later impairs their judgment. They are in grave danger of becoming careless and arrogant." - U.S. President Calvin Coolidge
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Dale Peterson rocks GOP

Kleptocrat thugs and criminals don't give a rip about you


Obama surrogates lash out at BigBank exec

SEIU faces foreclosure over its failed BofA loan to elect Obama


Dept. of Social Justice Fraud exposed!

Obamunists hopelessly blinded by radicalism

Eric Holder's Eye Exam

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SEIU-Obama vote-fraud unit goes global

Progs urge bigs to rebrand it, don't disband it
While the Obama administration runs away from ACORN here in the United States it is quietly embracing ACORN overseas.

The Obama administration is using U.S. government resources to help the embattled radical advocacy organization spread the gospel of left-wing community organizing in India.

President Obama’s ambassador to India, Timothy J. Roemer, recently lent his name and the prestige of the U.S. government to ACORN India’s efforts to organize rag-pickers in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay). Roemer is a former Democratic congressman who represented an Indiana district.
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What a joker POTUS

ObamaNation strikes again

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Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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