Mary Kay Henry, SEIU's new #1 big

Dedicated to P2P politics, fomenting civil unrest for Obama


Obama military big H8s Jews

Progressive joke intended to curry favor with First Couple


Class Warfare Will Ruin America

Progressive tool exposed!


SEIU hearts transformative Willie Sutton

Getting up in Wall Street's face 'Because that's where the money is'

Public employee unions are getting fired up about the financial regulations chugging through Congress.

All week, the unions and their allies in community organizing will be holding mass demonstrations across the country to decry the power of Wall Street and demand passage of the president's plan.

Rallies and marches for a bank bill? What does that have to do with working for the government?

Stephen Lerner, who is spearheading the movement for the Service Employees International Union, summed it up for Peter Dreier of the Huffington Post: They want the banks' money.

"The compensation bonus pool for the big six banks -- over $130 billion -- would solve the entire budget crisis for all the states," he said in urging the Left to unite against Wall Street.

(from washingtonexaminer.com)

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Progressive Anarchists dog GOP

BigBad WH coordinates outside groups to spur civil unrest


Six Months to November

Hoisting Alinskyite Liberal Fascists by their own petard


Liberal Fascists H8 fair elections

Divider-in-Chief sets nation's ugly tone for 2010

Future Shock
Prior to the election, the New Black Panthers, the SEIU, ACORN and other left-leaning organizations had promised to "ensure a fair election by maintaining a presence at every polling location."

But in Chicago, ACORN protesters accosted voters wearing American flag pins.

In Lowell, Massachusetts a gunfight erupted after more than a dozen Republicans were denied entry to a polling place by members of the SEIU.

In East Los Angeles, a shootout raged for more than three hours between members of an unidentified leftist group and police after dozens of reports of voter intimidation.
(read the full story @ directorblue.blogspot.com)

Such a Deal!

WH insiders are on a first-name basis with Obama

OBAMANATION28Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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