Proud to be a Teabagger

Tradition dates to 1773's Samuel Adams, Sons of Liberty


Dems become Tax Day laughingstock

Who are you going to believe?


Obama redefines property as theft

To Lamestreams, slander is the best option


Obama's new Middle Class taxes revealed!

Transparent dishonesty rarely so obvious to so many


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Labor-state unions play rent-a-thug

Non-members paid to protest non-union labor


Israel just another failed policy of the past

Jews finally wising up to Obama?
Ramifications continue to appear as a result of the diplomatic gulf between President Obama and Israel. Ron Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, has written an open letter to Obama that deserves careful and close consideration by anybody concerned about the future viability of the "Two-State Solution" to the Middle East crisis.
(from washingtonexaminer.com)

Typical Obamunist Zombie exposed!

Jason Mattera takes on Rep. Barney Frank


Warmist Prog thieves arrested!

Hoaxsters attempt to bypass New Mexico Legislature


Shameless LSM'er dumbfounds comrades

Lamestream 'journalists' race to the collectivist bottom

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