SEIU big Andy Stern moves up

Obama weighs Big Speech to announce promotion


There will undoubtedly be a lot of fallout in the world of Big Labor over this, though the SEIU is hardly going away. SEIU treasurer Anna Burger will likely still be a fixture at the White House and Obama's White house political director, Patrick Gaspard, is the SEIU's former top lobbyist.

SEIU big explains Tea Party movement

Inmates take over Obama's favorite union


Lamestreams ignore leftwing sabotage

To Alinskyites, the ends always justifies the means

Now comes the aspect of Crash the Tea Party that ought to get the attention of all mainstream media journalists: Crash the Party is undertaking to sabotoge Tea Party events by "infiltrating the Tea Party itself" and then acting "in ways which exaggerate their least-appealing qualities (misspelled signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.)."

In other words, some on the Left in American politics are running a KGB-like "false flag" operation to discredit the Tea Party. They couldn't sell the transparently nonsensical idea that Tea Partiers are just a bunch of racists, homophobes and morons, so the Crash the Party agents on the Left are infiltrating the Tea Party in order to pose as a bunch of racists, homophobes and morons.

It's a classic KGB-style disinformation campaign. Will mainstream media editors and reporters be fooled? Will they know it when they are being scammed by Crash the Party? Will they expose Crash the Party operatives or cooperate with them in their effort to misrepresent millions of Americans?

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SEIU organizer blames the members

Typical union thug uses persuasion of power


Leftwing Fail in 90 Seconds

The Obama Economic Track Record


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Typical racist SEIU big mouths off

White Union Members Are 'So F****** Rabidly Racist'


Obama compromises U.S. immune system

Once-free nation attacked by Leftism within


Obama stokes Liberal Fascism

Do we have to replay the 1920's?


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Re-elect Obama now!

Do we have to wait until 2012?

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Rust Never Sleeps

Why we need huge tax increases ASAP


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