Post-Constitutional Era confirmed

Social-Justice standard calls for adjustment to oath of office


Unionist Progs H8 limited government

Fasci-Collectivists never take enough
While labor saw health reform as a step toward single-payer Medicare for All, the "limited government" Republicans saw it differently. The GOP took to court its arguments that health care legislation 1) is unconstitutional, 2) is too costly, and 3) infringes on our freedoms. Despite the hypocritical "limited government" claims, the lawsuits are without merit.

If limited government were in force there would be no child labor laws, no anti-monopoly laws, no labor rights, no civil rights, and no women's rights - and be no traffic laws. People would be poisoned by contaminated food and unsafe medicine. There would be no environmental protection. A vote for limited government is not a vote "most beneficial to the people."
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By far, our worst President ever

Typical overspending binge betrays insecurity, paranoia


Social-justice fraud rewarded

Typical radical collectivist reaps campus no-show payoff
The director of a University of Wyoming center that invited a former 1960s radical to campus said he canceled the event because of safety concerns and because the purpose of the event was lost.

But Franciso Rios, director of the UW Social Justice Research Center, said Wednesday he will put the matter behind him and move ahead.

Rios' invitation for William Ayers to speak drew hundreds of protests. The speech was scheduled to have taken place Monday, but Rios canceled it last week.

Ayers will be paid a $5,000 speaking fee, Rios said. The money comes from the center's private endowment funds.
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Union-backed switcher forgets

'A limit on congressional service would help cure senility and seniority - both terrible legislative diseases!' - Harry S Truman


Corrupt union-backed Dem eyes comeback

Shameless kleptocrats never, never take enough

The disgraced ex-governor also acknowledges in the interview that he has toyed with the idea of a comeback.

"I love politics," Spitzer told Elkind, according to excerpts of their March 31 interview. "The substance, the debate about the issues ..."

Asked specifically about some kind of statewide race in 2010 -- which The Post reported exclusively last year that Spitzer was talking to people about -- Spitzer said it's "just hard to see."

But he added, "I've never said I would never consider running for office again."

(from nypost.com)

UAW-Obama Motors Fail

BigLabor Bailout Goes Bad

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