Obama to OK universal life insurance

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky


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O'Care likened to Deliverance

Even TOTUS has a role in remake


Social Justice frauds to protesters: STFU

Are AFL-CIO Obamunists anti-American?


SEIU-Obama Admin mocks Americans

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Dean: O'Care is 'redistribution'

Proud Progs fundamentally transform U.S.A.


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Meet the New New Left

Rust Never Sleeps

In this short, punchy polemic from urban affairs expert Steven Malanga, the gloves come off right away. Malanga decries what he sees as the leftward tilt in the nation's cities, where, he says, the heirs of the original New Left, 1960s social and political activists, have retreated in the face of right-wing dominance on the national scene.

This development, he contends, pits ordinary taxpayers against "tax eaters," an "increasingly cynical coalition" of public-employee unions and social service providers. In his view, these groups drag down city and state economies with expensive programs and onerous laws that serve only to boost their own ranks.

He also argues that union-supported living wage legislation sends businesses elsewhere; university labor studies programs exist merely to provide foot soldiers for union organizers; and Wal-Mart opponents undermine America's consumer-driven economy. "Radical left wing" groups like ACORN, a community organization of low-and moderate-income families incur the author's particular scorn, as do journalists Barbara Ehrenreich and David Shipler, so-called "prophets of victimology."
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