Organizing v. Liberal-Prog Constitution H8ers

As The White House announced its latest initiative pushing “ObamaCare,” a new website, www.CitizensConstitutionalCongress.com today went live to provide Americans with a powerful new voice of resistance to the government’s central planners in Washington, D.C.

Claiming to be “Free Citizens Fighting To Keep America Free,” CitizensContstitutionalCongress.com says it is inspired by the American Committees of Correspondence that, beginning in 1773, enabled American colonists to successfully oppose King George. It’s a proven historic model for a successful popular uprising.

The Tipping Point. CitizensContstitutionalCongress.com is providing “…a powerful new non-partisan voice,” in the wake of The ObamaCare Summit held in Washington last week and the announcement by the White House Wednesday that it is moving ahead to resurrect its highly partisan health care legislation.

“This is a tipping point,” says Lester Jenkins, spokesperson for CitizensConstitutionalCongress.com. Inflexible party officials – the President and his Democrat leaders in Congress (Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid) – have collectively shown themselves to be working tirelessly to promote legislation that violates Americans’ cherished Constitutional freedoms.

“We clearly see what is happening. We oppose the liberal-progressive activists in Washington continuing to dismantle individual freedoms that Americans have fought for, defended, and enjoyed for centuries. We are organizing to oppose them, utilizing modern communications tools such as polls, petitions, conventions. This is an enduring movement to defend our personal liberties – as every generation of Americans has been called to do.”
(from redstate.com)

This is sleazy. This reeks.

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(from freakingnews.com via michellemalkin.com)

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